Keeping Time Podcast S.5 Episode 7: The Naked Watchmaker, Daniela Marin and Peter Speake

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Peter Speake and Daniela Marin join us for Keeping Time with Oster Watches Podcast, S5 Episode 7.

In this episode of Keeping Time we are privileged to welcome Daniela Marin, co-founder of one of the most important horological websites, The Naked Watchmaker.  Joining Daniela is Peter Speake, one of the most celebrated watchmakers in the industry (known of course for Speake-Marin watches) and co-founder of The Naked Watchmaker with Daniela. This will be Peter’s 3rd episode of Keeping Time – having last joined us back on Episode #31 (June 2018).  At that time, The Naked Watchmaker was just starting out. Now, the website is firmly established as a go-to forum for genuine knowledge ranging from deconstruction of well-known modern and important historical calibres to in-depth and thought-provoking articles covering centuries of watchmaking and innovation within the industry. The latest edition is a series of online “Masterclasses” that are designed to provide enthusiasts of all levels of knowledge with the tools to better understand horology. 

Listen in as we chat at length about numerous fascinating subjects ranging from the new Masterclass to the opportunity to deconstruct an early Breguet 4-minute Tourbillon (c.1805). The conversation is unscripted and wanders to the curious as host, Jeremy Oster,  challenges Daniela and Peter with questions that could only be answered by a select few in the world with the hands-on knowledge gained through many decades exploring the fine art of horology. There will be plenty to learn for everyone, from new enthusiasts to the most seasoned collectors. Doug also gets in on the action as he eagerly chats about the newly released Masterclass (recently completed by Doug). We trust that you will enjoy listening to this episode as much as we enjoyed the conversation with Daniela and Peter. 

As usual, this episode is a free-flowing conversation with minimal editing. Jeremy Oster is your host along with co-host, Doug Hoyt.  Thanks as always to Doug who is also the Producer of Keeping Time Podcast.

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Daniela Marin | The Naked Watchmaker Peter Speake | The Naked Watchmaker
Daniela Marin & Peter Speake of The Naked Watchmaker

The Four-Minute Tourbillon by Breguet (c. 1805)

An inside peek of the movement

The movement with the main bridge removed

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