Keeping Time S.6 Ep. 5 Marco Borraccino, Singer Reimagined

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We are delighted to welcome Marco Borraccino, our guest for this episode of Keeping Time Podcast.  With a remarkably impressive background in watch design, including head of design for Officine Panerai, Mr Borraccino brings a unique vision to the world of exceptional watchmaking. Singer Reimagined is the watch brand co-founded by Marco Borraccino together with Rob Dickinson of Singer Vehicle Design. A former singer and guitarist with the highly acclaimed band Catherine Wheel, Rob Dickinson returned to his automotive roots with the founding of Singer Vehicle Design where he would specialize in the “Restomod” world of renovating and evolving older, air-cooled Porsche 911’s. His work is beyond exceptional and the incredible works of automotive art created by his company are sought the world over by serious Porsche enthusiasts and collectors. His work also caught the eye of renowned watch designer, Marco Borraccino.

Marco Borraccino is the co-founder, managing director and creative designer for Singer Reimagined – the brand founded in 2017 with Rob Dickinson of Singer Vehicle Design. We hope that you enjoy this insightful and engaging conversation with host Jeremy Oster, co-host Doug Hoyt and our guest Marco Borraccino. You may also enjoy hearing Doug show off his exceptional Italian pronunciation.

Listen in as we discuss how the relationship between Marco and Rob led to the founding of Singer Reimagined, Marco Borraccino’s exceptional chronograph inspired designs. We discuss Marco’s background in design and how the Singer Reimagined brand came to life and evolved. An integral part of the story is the chance meeting with celebrated, award-winning watchmaker Jean-Marc Wiederrecht (7 GPHG awards!). Serendipity played its part and led to one of the most extraordinary chronograph wristwatches of all time. Join us for a superb conversation with in-depth discussion ranging from Porsche to true haute-horlogerie watchmaking and the inspiration that drives a leading designer to create a legacy brand.

We would like to dedicate this epsiode, with heartfelt love and gratitude, to the passing of Queen Elizabeth II. May she rest in peace. 

As always, this episode is a free-flowing conversation with minimal editing. Jeremy Oster is your host along with co-host, Doug Hoyt.  Thanks as always to Doug who is the Producer of Keeping Time Podcast. Of course, thanks most of all to our listeners and supporters around the globe. Keeping Time Podcast is commercial free and sponsored entirely by Oster Jewelers.

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Marco Borraccino & Rob Dickinson
Singer Reimagined Co-Founders Marco Borraccino & Rob Dickinson

Marco Borraccino & Jean-Marc Wiederrecht
Marco Borraccino with Jean Marc Wiederrecht, Founder of AGENHOR

Singer 911
Singer 911 – An inspiration that started a journey

GPHG Mens Complication Official Nominee - Singer Reimagined Flytrack Barista Singer Reimagined Flytrack Barista
Singer Reimagined Flytrack Barista | GPHG Men’s Complication Official Nominee

Singer Reimagined Track 1 Flamboyant - AgenGraphe Exhibition Caseback
The AgenGraphe displayed through the Track1 Flamboyant exhibition caseback

Singer SKLT Gold Edition Track1 SKLT Gold Edition - SR008
Singer Reimagined Track1 SKLT Gold Edition

Singer Reimagined Collection
Singer Reimagined Watches

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