Keeping Time S7, E01: Xavier de Roquemaurel, CEO Czapek & Cie

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We’re back for a new season of Keeping Time Podcast. Our guest is Xavier de Roquemaurel, returning to the podcast for the 4th time. The previous appearance coincided with the launch of the new at the time Antarctique collection. Now, 3 years later, we discuss at length the incredible impact the Antarctique collection has had on the relatively new company with the incredible history. We discuss the challenges faced by the brand with regard to manufacturing and the remarkable demand that has catapulted the company into an entirely different luxury stratosphere. As always, Xavier displays genuine openness and transparency and provides insights into the decisions taken by a small luxury brand that is growing rapidly and claiming a spot in the upper echelon of haute horlogerie.

We discuss the current collections offered by Czapek & Cie as well as the philosophy of the brand. Most interestingly, Xavier shares some future plans and offers some breaking news to our listeners. April Fools Day will be a day many people will be eagerly awaiting this year.

As always, the conversation meanders through a myriad of topics that will be of interest to all horological enthusiasts. Xavier’s infectious enthusiasm and positivity will delight our listeners and provide a deeper understanding of the incredible appeal of Czapek & Cie, one of the most prestigious and historically important luxury watch brands on the market today. We hope that our listeners enjoy the discussion in this episode; expand their knowledge and continue to gain insights into the fascinating world of horology. Many topics are covered and the conversation is rich in content and insight. We hope that you enjoy this episode of Keeping Time with Oster Watches.

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Czapek & Cie wins the coveted Public Prize at the Grand Prix d'Horlogerie de Genève
Xavier de Roquemaurel accepting the coveted Public Prize at the GPHG awards.

The award winning Quai des Bergues No. 33bis
The award winning timepiece, Quai des Bergues No. 33

Passage de Drake S - Glacier Blue Passage de Drake S - Salmon
A close up of the Passage de Drake S “Stairway to Heaven” dials

Inside the manufacture
Inside the Manufacture: Installing the SXH1 balance wheel

Passage de Drake on the wrist

Quai des Bergues SXH1 calibre
Quai des Bergues SXH1 calibre

Czapek Antarctique Titanium Dark Sector Lifestyle Czapek Antarctique Titanium Dark Sector Caseback
Czapek Antarctique Titanium Dark Sector | Limited Edition of 100 Pieces

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