Sydney Evan Jewelry: The Perfect Beach & Vacation Jewelry

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Rosanne Karmes established the renowned fine jewelry brand Sydney Evan Jewelry in Los Angeles in 2001, beginning with the sale of a single pave diamond horseshoe necklace. Karmes remained true to her own personal philosophy and principles when she devoted the company to her family and titled the collection after her two children, Sydney and Evan, as well as her father, SY. She also named one of the pieces in the collection after her father.

The Evolution of The Brand

After another eighteen years, the collection has expanded from just a few different designs to become one of the most sought-after diamond jewelry brands on a global scale.

Roseanne Karmes
Rosanne Karmes, Founder/Creative Director/Designer of Sydney Evan

Karmes is known for being one of the first to spot emerging fashion trends and designing jewelry perfect for the beach and all of your vacation destinations. Karmes’ inventiveness mixes her passion for travel, the arts, and culture with her California-chic design approach, resulting in an ever-evolving and highly desirable collection. This collection is painstakingly designed with a traditional but whimsical aesthetic using 14-karat gold and a magnificent blend of precious and semi-precious stones. The stones range in rarity from precious to semi-precious.

Sydney Evan Jewelry: The Perfect Beach & Vacation Jewelry

The ability of Karmes to bring together her most profound sources of inspiration in a way that reflects ageless notions of spirituality, feeling, and personal expression is largely responsible for the success of the Sydney Evan Jewelry brand. Her work is a celebration of the uniqueness of our lives, with deep roots in family, protection, love, and the good fortune and luck that accompany them.

Sydney Evan Jewelry: The Perfect Beach & Vacation Jewelry

Karmes has been a pioneer when it comes to beaded bracelets by continually updating personal and spiritual charm trends. With the release of these fashionable layering pieces in 2005, Karmes successfully modernized the fine jewelry market, and while often replicated, she is never duplicated. Her signature script ‘love’ collection, which debuted in 2008, was also responsible for igniting a trend and leaving an everlasting impression on the jewelry industry. Over the last several years, Karmes has continued to broaden the scope of her collection by introducing new lines such as Syd by Sydney Evan and Little Loves by Sydney Evan, a fashion-fine collection for children, and the Sydney Evan Men’s collection.

Sydney Evan Jewelry Collection

Sydney Evan 14K Yellow Gold & Diamond Love Necklaces

Sydney Evan Love Necklaces

With Sydney Evan’s collection of 14k yellow gold and pavé diamond “Love” necklaces, you can show her how much you care about her by spelling out your love for her in diamonds and gold. These gorgeous necklaces are available in three sizes, on an adjustable chain that can be worn at either 16 or 18 inches in length.

Sydney Evan Diamond Moroccan Flower Charm Jasper Bead Bracelet

Sydney Evan Diamond Moroccan Flower Charm Jasper Bead Bracelet

The spirit of Morocco comes alive in 14k yellow gold on this Moroccan flower charm strung on a beachy Jasper bead bracelet. Known as the “Supreme Nurturer,” Jasper is regarding for its powers as a calming stone.

Sydney Evan Beaded Charm Bracelets

Mix and match this Sydney Evan bead bracelet with other charm bracelets to create a unique layered stack. The multi-toned marbling of the Jasper beads looks amazing with larimar, white clam, and white quartz Sydney Evan beaded charm bracelets.

Sydney Evan 14KWG Diamond Bar Labradorite Bead Bracelet

Sydney Evan 14KWG Diamond Bar Labradorite Bead Bracelet

As a protective stone, labradorite is highly valued for what is believed to be its capacity to deflect harmful energy and intents coming from both inside and beyond. In contrast to the earthy tones of labradorite, the brilliance of a pave diamond-encrusted bar of 14k white gold stands out. This beaded bracelet, which has labradorite rondelles that are 10 millimeters in size, creates a striking statement when worn on the wrist.

Sydney Evan 14KYG Palm Tree Charm Australian Opal Bead Bracelet

Sydney Evan 14KYG Palm Tree Charm Australian Opal Bead Bracelet
Blue skies, ocean waves, and piña coladas – the beach is just a dream away with this 14k yellow gold palm tree charm strung on an Australian opal bead bracelet. The unique variations of the opal beads evoke the memories of collecting sea shells by the shore. 

Sydney Evan Beaded Charm Bracelet Stack Idea

This beachy Sydney Evan palm tree charm bead bracelet looks incredible in a bracelet stack. Build your own with other Sydney Evan beauties, like this Token of Love charm bracelet & Diamond Heart charm bracelet to create a unique layered stack.

Sydney Evan 14KYG & Diamond Lock Necklace

Sydney Evan 14KYG Diamond Love Lock Pendant Necklace

Love locks are a typical sign of love and togetherness, and they can be seen all over the world attached to bridges and chain fences. As a sign of love, locks have been incorporated into jewelry, such as this Sydney Evan lock necklace made of 14k yellow gold and pavé diamonds. This time, it has been reimagined as a delicate chain-link necklace made of diamonds and 14k yellow gold that has a jump ring.

Sydney Evan 14K Yellow Gold Diamond Pyramid Ring

Sydney Evan 14K Yellow Gold Diamond Pyramid Ring

Within the Sydney Evan collection at Oster Jewelers you’ll also find fantastic 14k gold rings like this gorgeous Sydney Evan diamond pyramid ring featuring 14k yellow gold “pyramids” decorated with pavé diamonds.

Mix & Match Sydney Evan Jewelry

Sydney Evan rings look great by themselves, as well as mixed and matched with other rings to make a dynamic statement. Add a beaded bracelet or two to finish the look!

Sydney Evan Diamond Lightning Bolt Charm Lapis Lazuli Bead Bracelet

Sydney Evan Diamond Lightning Bolt Charm Lapis Lazuli Bead Bracelet

The diamond and yellow gold lightning bolt charm bracelet by Sydney Evan is striking to say the least! This brilliant blue bracelet is a dream strung with rich, heavenly blue Lapis Lazuli stones and finished with an electrifying lightning bolt charm. Lapis Lazuli, one of the most coveted gemstones, is highly esteemed in the world of gems and is thought to have been used since the dawn of humanity. Its deep blue tones are connected with dignity, nobility, and energy, and it is a worldwide sign of truth and knowledge. All Sydney Evan beaded bracelets are strung with stretch string with a 14-karat gold SE charm.

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