Floating Diamond Ring and the 7 Chakra Stone Necklace From Persée Paris Jewelry

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Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, particularly when designed by Persée Paris Jewelry. Taking its namesake from the Greek hero Perseus, these designs are inspired by mythology, modern art, and Moroccan culture.

Persée Paris Jewelry

 Nawal Laoui, Founder & Designer of Persée Paris
Nawal Laoui, Founder & Designer of Persée Paris Jewelry

Nawal Laoui felt inspired to launch Persée Paris Jewelry after returning from a round-the-world adventure, passing through the renowned house Fabergé. Persée Paris is a diamond-focused jewelry company that aims to sublimate the valuable stones and let them shine on women’s skin like the golden rain that fell on Danaë, Perseus’ mother in mythology. Laoui’s desire to have the stone be the focus brought her to the diamond drilling process used in Japan to manufacture her jewelry. The diamond is drilled with a laser and attached to the gem by a thin ring on Persee Paris designs, rather than being set or mounted. Thus, the diamond is freer, displayed naked, in its purest, brightest form. Diamonds from Persée Paris are light and timeless, with modest and elegant lines.

There are also designs with more contemporary lines, long necklaces in a bohemian style, numbered medallion or lettering, jewels with an eye or face pattern, and designs that mix colors, all of which can be found among the collections of the young Parisian label. Nawal Laoui’s Moroccan roots, combined with her passion for mythology and travel, shine through in her designs. 

Persée Paris 18K White Gold Floating Diamond Rings

Persee Paris Floating Rings Style Ideas

Persée Paris is responsible for the creation of an iconic design known as the floating diamond ring. This ring gives the appearance of shimmering diamonds that are mysteriously suspended on the skin. The use of a very small nylon cord, which holds the diamonds in place in a seemingly impossible manner, is what makes this fascinating design a reality. 

Persee Paris Round & Pear Floating Rings

Each of the floating diamond rings is comprised of individual exquisitely cut diamonds mounted together. The Persée Paris Round Floating Diamond Ring features a halo of round diamonds around a center larger round diamond, while the Persée Paris Pear Floating Diamond Ring shows off 7 diamonds in a pear formation around a larger centered round diamond. Both rings look sensational by themselves or worn across multiple fingers for a flirty Bohemian look.

Persée Paris 18K Gold La Foule Diamond Chain Necklaces

Persee Paris La Foule 18k gold diamond chain necklaces

Persée Paris 18k Gold La Foule Diamond Necklaces add the perfect amount of drama to accent the understated beauty of the Persée Paris floating diamond rings. These delicate diamond necklaces are made of thin 18k gold chain with vibrant diamonds that dangle down, raining brilliant sparkle with every move.

Persee Paris La Foule 18k gold 7 & 17 diamond chain necklaces

The Persée Paris 18k Gold La Foule Diamond Chain necklace is available in either a 7 Diamond Chain Necklace or 17 Diamond chain necklace version. These necklaces are sure to stand out on their own or create a mesmerizing look when layered in a necklace stack.

Persée Paris 18KYG Chakras Rainbow Hoop Earring

Persee Paris Chakras Earrings

The Persée Paris Chakras collection brings together bright and colorful gemstones balanced against sumptuous 18k gold for a vibrant look that connects the body and soul. Chakras refer to the body’s primary energy centers. They are a way to visualize the endless flow of energy in and out of the body, and they help us connect with ourselves and maintain a balanced state of being.

Persee Paris 18KYG Chakras Rainbow Hoop Earring

This Persée Paris 18K Yellow Gold Chakras Rainbow Hoop Earring brings delight to the ear with a colorful array of precious stones. Sold solo, this fun and playful mini earring inspired by the Chakra shines perfectly by itself, worn as a pair, or mixed and matched with other Chakras earrings for a bright and whimsical look. 

Persée Paris Jewelry 18K Yellow Gold Chakras Rainbow Necklaces

Persee Paris 18k Yellow Gold Chakras Rainbow Necklaces Style Ideas

Originating in India, the Chakras represent energy circles that are thought to be found throughout us, each channeling a different point connected to our system, encompassing the body, mind, and spirit. It is helpful to imagine the seven chakras as a road up the spine that begins at the base and ends at the top of the head. When our chakras are open, energy may flow freely in a beautiful way. 

Persee Paris 18k Yellow Gold 7 & 22 Chakras Rainbow Necklaces

Discover your inner balance and peace with the 7 Chakras Necklace by Persée Paris Jewelry (top). This piece makes a fantastic gift for the love in your life and looks amazing with the Chakras hoop earring. It is made of an extremely fine but resilient 18-karat yellow gold chain, and it is embellished with an assortment of amethyst, topaz, ruby, citrine, peridot, and sapphire stones. The adjustable chain enables this item to be worn at any length. Layer it with the Persée Paris 22 Chakras Necklace (bottom) for a beautiful and dynamic look to add a pop of color to any outfit.

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