Parade’s Paraiba Tourmaline as seen in Vogue Gioiello

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Parade Design’s platinum and diamond ring with a 7.03ct paraiba tourmaline featured in Vogue Gioielle.

“Like the mythological bird, this precious stone arose from the ashes in 1987 in a mine in Paraiba, Brazil, bringing its extraordinary color to light. The stunning stone has a good level of hardness (7.5 on the Mohs scale) while capturing a  color that could have come from a Yves Klein painting. It owes its blue color to the prescence of copper and manganese, which gives off dazzling reflections even when there is little light. With its neon, piezoelectric nature, it was used by the Dutch to attract dust particles. Today it gets along famously with white gold and diamonds making for exclusive jewels. It is an emblem of perfection and rebirth, having traveled from the heart of the earth to be a part of haute jewels with a similar deep blue found in the globe on the Brazilian flag.”

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