Armin Strom Celebrates 15 Years & Looks to the Future

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Armin Strom co-founders Serge Michel and Claude Greisler reflect on 15 years of remarkable accomplishments, including the creation of 17 exclusive movements, securing various patents, pioneering unique designs, and achieving an impressive 97% in-house production depth.


Armin Strom

Founded in 1967 by the legendary Armin Strom, a master in the art of hand-skeletonization, the Armin Strom brand has long been synonymous with intricate craftsmanship and innovation. Fifteen years ago, Armin Strom metamorphosed from a solo endeavor into a fully integrated manufacture brand under the visionary leadership of entrepreneur Serge Michel and master horologist Claude Greisler.

Since 2009, these lifelong friends have immersed themselves in the horological arts, cultivating an independent manufacture staffed by a dedicated team of 38, including 22 masterful watchmakers capable of transforming raw steel bars into an array of intricate, interlinked watch components. Their dedication has culminated in the creation of 17 unique calibers, each showcasing the brand’s iconic open-worked design, distributed across Armin Strom’s three principal collections: System 78, Resonance, and Masterpiece. After Claude and Serge established the Armin Strom manufacture in Biel/Bienne, the brand quickly made its mark in the horological world. Within just one year, Armin Strom unveiled its inaugural in-house timepiece and movement, the “One Week,” distinguished by its impressive seven-day power reserve.

Armin Strom 15 Years of Watches

In 2011, Armin Strom formed a unique partnership with the Formula 1 Marussia Virgin Racing team, transcending traditional sponsorship. This collaboration saw engine parts from F1 cars being melted down and repurposed into movement components for exclusive models, blending high-speed engineering with fine watchmaking.

Continuing its trajectory of innovation, Armin Strom launched its first in-house tourbillon in 2012. The brand’s commitment to design excellence was recognized in 2015 when it received the first of three Red Dot Awards for the Skeleton Pure Water.

Armin Strom 15 Years of Calibres

In 2016, Armin Strom introduced the revolutionary Mirrored Force Resonance. This timepiece featured a patented resonance clutch system, which enhanced chronometric precision and consistency through generated resonance. This pioneering technology has since become a cornerstone of Armin Strom’s horological identity, solidifying its reputation for cutting-edge innovation and craftsmanship.

Assembling the Mirrored Force Resonance Clutch Spring and Bridge

In 2018, Armin Strom unveiled the groundbreaking “Dual Time Resonance,” marking the debut of the world’s first timepiece with dual independent time displays driven by separate movements in resonance. This innovative creation heralded the beginning of Armin Strom’s esteemed “Masterpiece” collection. The following year, the collection expanded with the introduction of the Minute Repeater Resonance, the world’s first chiming resonance wristwatch.

Armin Strom Dual-Time Resonance Titanium

In 2019, Armin Strom continued to push boundaries with the release of the Gravity Equal Force, the world’s first automatic watch featuring a patented equal force transmission mechanism. This pioneering spirit led to several subsequent innovations, including the 2021 Tribute 1, which offered a modern reinterpretation of the classic dress watch, complete with an advanced motor barrel that enhanced efficiency.

Armin Strom Tribute 1 Rose Gold

In 2022, Armin Strom introduced the Orbit, the world’s first watch featuring an on-demand date display indicated on the bezel. This was followed in 2023 by a return to the brand’s origins with a new iteration of the iconic One Week. This latest version, completely reimagined with a new movement and design, continues to uphold Armin Strom’s legacy of horological excellence and innovation.

Assembling the Orbit bezel

Released at the 2024 Watches and Wonders in Geneva, the Gravity Equal Force Ultimate Sapphire Purple is a testament to Armin Strom’s relentless pursuit of superior chronometric performance, exemplifying meticulous craftsmanship and innovation. Entirely developed, manufactured, and decorated within the state-of-the-art facilities in Bienne, this watch showcases the brand’s commitment to excellence.

Every Armin Strom timepiece undergoes a rigorous assembly process, and the Gravity Equal Force Ultimate Sapphire Purple is no exception. The movement is initially assembled to ensure flawless functionality and adherence to the brand’s stringent decorative standards. It is then meticulously disassembled and reassembled when ready to be encased in its final, exquisite form. This meticulous process underscores Armin Strom’s dedication to creating horological masterpieces of unparalleled precision and beauty.


Claude Greisler and Serge Michel of Armin Strom remain steadfastly focused on the future, driven by an unwavering commitment to the art and science of horological movement. As they celebrate 15 years of groundbreaking innovation, Armin Strom is poised to reveal their latest milestone timepiece at the highly anticipated 2024 Geneva Watch Days in August.

Geneva Watch Days 2024

This new creation will exemplify Armin Strom’s ongoing pursuit of innovation, precision, and perfection. Merging traditional watchmaking expertise with a contemporary flair, the brand continues to carve its independent path in the world of haute horlogerie. As always, Armin Strom stands at the forefront of marrying classic craftsmanship with modern advancements, promising timepieces that are both tributes to their legacy and bold steps into the future.


Our most regularly featured guest, Claude is welcomed back for a second time this season with news of another brand new model. Listen in as the always engaging Master Watchmaker, Claude Greisler, discusses the Armin Strom One Week. Based on a caliber originally launched by the brand a decade ago, Claude talks us through all the changes, modifications and aesthetic choices made by the brand as Armin Strom unveils this important addition to the expanding collection offered by the Manufacture today.


Armin Strom Gravity Equal Force Ultimate Sapphire Purple

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