The Stunning Grönefeld Parallax Timepiece

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The Grönefeld Parallax tourbillon features a “flying” tourbillon with a large central seconds hand, stop seconds power reserve indicator and winding-setting function indicator. The in-house movement, beautiful solid silver dial and highly polished case display sophistication and craftsmanship at the very highest level. The raised flying tourbillon allows full appreciation of the concentric, rhythmic “breathing” of the balance hairspring, while ensuring high precision. The name “Parallax” is derived from the precision of the readability of the central seconds hand. Parallax is defined as the apparent change in position of an object when the observer changes his own position.

To minimize the possibility of error due to parallax when viewing the seconds hand from an angle, the hand is exceptionally close to the outer chapter ring with the seconds indexes. In a neat touch, the one-armed balance wheel bridge always runs parallel to the central seconds hand. Rather than pulling the crown to set the time, which has the risk of damaging the fragile crown stem, it is pressed. An indicator on the dial displays the function selected: “W” for winding or “S” for time setting. When the time setting function is selected, both the tourbillon cage-bridge and the central seconds hand automatically continue to their respective 12 o’clock positions where they stop (or hack) while the time is set. Once the time is set and the function set to winding by a simple press of the crown, both the seconds hand and tourbillon cage start running in parallel again.

The dial of the Parallax Tourbillon has been crafted out of solid silver. The frosted surface provides a gentle sheen superbly setting off the flamed-blued hands and making for excellent legibility. The graceful curves of the displays are complemented by a multilayered profile endowing the dial with a wonderful sense of depth. The complex dial comprises seven individual components. All applied elements are rhodium plated with circular graining and beveled edges. The bevels are polished with diamond paste to a brilliant gloss to create scintillating reflections of light, echoing the high-end finishing of the stainless steel movement bridges visible through the display back. Limited Edition – 28 pieces.


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