Wellendorff ‘I Wish You Luck’ Ring of the Year

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Wellendorff I Wish You Luck 2014 Ring of the Year | Oster Jewelers

Oster Jewelers is proud to showcase Wellendorff’s 2014 Ring of the Year: I Wish You Luck.

This gorgeous ring is one of only 214 rings. Luck – it is one of the most wonderful feelings in the world. It is those unique moments of infinite joy, which you immortalize with this ring.

Wellendorff rings have a special and charming feature that makes them so sought after: they spin. The enabling of this unique spinning movement demands the highest levels of precision and technical know-how: the goldsmiths have to respect tolerances of just one hundredth of a millimeter. Every Wellendorff ring is comprised of a minimum of four individual rings, which are all securely linked together in a way that allows them to spin freely.

If we are to believe an old fairy tale, anyone wearing this ring, who then spins it three times, is allowed to make a wish.

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